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How long will it take to install my building?

Average installation is 1 to 2 weeks.

Is a building permit needed?

A building permit is not required before we erect a building; however, we recommend you check with your local inspector’s office to confirm they do not require a permit.

Is a down payment required?

Typical down payment is 10% to 15% of the price before taxes.

Are there gauge options?

For the galvanized steel posts, we have 14 gauge and 12 gauge options.  For the sheet metal, we have 29 gauge and 26 gauge options.

What should I do to prepar my building site?

Land needs to be level, or unit will be installed “as is” on the lot. Also please mark all underground cables, gas lines or any other utility lines. Infinity Carports Inc. will not be responsible for any damages to underground utility lines.

Can the carports be made taller?

Yes, our carports can be made taller in 1 foot increments with up to 14’ side height.

What size does my concrete pad need to be?

The concrete slab should be 1 foot shorter than the roof length (which is the exact size of the frame). For example, if the unit size is 26’ x 31’ the slab should be poured 26’ x 30’.

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